Patrizia Ottaviani Paintings Show

Powerfull tribute to the Woman…
Pasty brush strokes interweave bodies in an apparently
chaotic cataclysm of epidermal sensations, granted
by deep spacial blue colour….
Figures will follow each other, impulsive and feminine
In the chromatic impasto,
dances interlace in energetic spaces.
Oils and watercolors for the freeWoman which sets free whirling bodies
through a pressing musical rhytm.
A partial disappearing of the form, sometimes suggests to the Artist dynamic solutions behind the imagination line…
Strong yet fragile women can dance beyond their body limits
They can spin inside their gestures’ space
just as carving figures in the magma of feelings.
Her live painting, vigorous, open to new and brave solutions,
masterly espressed through her oils and watercolors..
is surely synthesized in her work “Evanescence”

Gaetano Vari (Artist and Art Historian)
“Tempos of the Soul”
Trevignano- Rome