Patrizia Ottaviani

Patrizia Ottaviani born in 1963 in Rome, she attends the Artistic High School in Via Ripetta and the Decorative Arts School- San Giacomo, both in Rome 

In 1984 she starts working decorating glass in laboratories; then co-works making decorations in a leather-laboratory as well as in a tailor shop, creating paintings over linen, cotton and silk clothing; in Rome and in Turin she implements wall-paintings (murals), trompe-l’oeil and other external decorations

In 1987 she attends a Batik course at the Jakarta University in Indonesia. As following, she starts associating with artists ateliers in Rome and around Lazio districts, as well as with other cultural associations, and from 1990 she starts participating to public art shows

For few years she brings into activity her artistic artisan works, working for private clients and realizing interior stained-glass, refined painting over glass objects and paintings over linens and silks

Therefore she performs walls frescos and decorations, water color and other various techniques, preferring over all the oil

In October 2000 she presents her first personal show called “Evanescences” in Anguillara Sabazia- Rome, introducing her own research subject

“Soul and Femininity through images and symbols, Body as an expressive vehicle of the Soul, of the human being and of the existence.”

About 80 art exhibitions, public and personal shows will follow in Rome and districts, in Bologna and Pisa

Reviews and Critical essays by:

  • Gaetano Vari – Artist and Art Critic
  • Livio Garbuglia – Art Critic
  • Anny Baldissera – Art Gallery Manager
  • Maria Castronovo – Writer
  • “Corriere di Civitavecchia” - october, 2000
  • “L’Agone”- Anguillara’s Newpaper – april, 2001
  • “Il giornale d’Italia “ may, 2002

The painting “Danza” oil over canvas -70x100 cm. was chosen as the book cover of “Olodanza, the released freedom” – Human Sciences Institute Edition


2006 – Special reward of the Extemporary Art – Isola Farnese - Roma
2007 – 2nd classified – Extemporary Art – Campagnano Romano – Rome
2015 – Critic reward – 1st International Arts Reviews at the 94 Canvas Gallery in Rome
2015 – Critic reward – Orsini Room – Chigi Palace – Formello – Rome

Info: 3927697554  -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Facebook: “Metamorfosi -Patrizia Ottaviani”