Patrizia Ottaviani

My paintings are made through stratifications with oil technique

and using often the gold leaf, each painting follows the working-drying and elaboration rhythms
through various passages, generally with long intervals,
that is until the depth and the strength of the contrast between light shadow and matter are reached.

The groundwork of my research through my paintings, is to find an open passage for the imagination where feminine figures can flow set free from current models and brought back to their initial holiness.

A step forward, a leap toward the future that is also a way to go back to the origins,
a metamorphosis of the entire human gender…

It’s hard and difficult to work with paintings that wish to represent forms and emotions,
done with impulses and falls, it is like sinking in a deep ocean and try to breathe again,
meanwhile everyday life moves on and pretends your presence

My painting is hastened by symbols, by archetypes;
bodies are used as conveyances of the Soul, within also a continuous research for a mystical experience

Each single painting stands for an
“inside-out” work

As if each one was, and it is, an emotion, an archetype,
a rawplug of a great puzzle or better, of a huge human feeling constellation
that humbly asks to a superior sphere for a deeper meaning of our life. imaginative body, tenuous, blooms in the soul blow and starting from it,
everything turns into a figure, a form, a face,
breaking up the circle of rarefied loneliness of the intellect

(from “Anima”- Over thinking reflections by Corbin and Hillman)